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Although it's not obvious, people never stop trying to put things, other than food, into their mouths. There are emerging mouth devices invented for different purposes, including inclusive controllers and smart mouthguards for sports. Not to mention dental braces and retainers.

It's no surprise that scientists and inventors get excited in mouth interactions and wearables. The mouth is an amazing part of the body with rich physical and biological properties. The tongue, the teeth and the lips are incredibly mobile. The unique position of the mouth also means it reflects various behaviours like eating, speaking, sleeping and daily body movement.

However, most of the proposals, on the market or in labs, are bulky and uncomfortable, sometimes even awkward. During our research, we found a method of creating an impression-based device that stays on the roof of the mouth with minimal discomfort. We made the first electronics integrated prototypes with the method. We are now working on further material exploration and miniaturisation of the device.

​Interested and want to get surprised by the magic comfort?

A mouth wearable that people want to put into their mouths

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