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A password.

Or a secret command.

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The mouth is an incredible machine with rich input and output channels. Taking the tongue only, it is able to sense tastes, temperature, texture, etc. and perform intentional gestures like pressing, sliding, etc. From our research of human-computer interaction, an interesting idea was born: what if we could create a language inside the mouth by combining digitally simulated senses and sensor-translated tongue gestures?

The word meaning of this language can be system-defined or self-defined. A system-defined language version can be used in common applications of control. For example, a light sweet might be used to represent a close family member calling, and you might tap your tongue 3 times to signal that you will call back soon.  A self-defined language version is more like a cypher, where you might equal a specific sense to a self-defined gesture. Say, a sharp sour to drawing a circle on your palate. Check out how we envision the future authentication interface with this silent language.

​We have reached a prototyping stage where digitally simulated tastes can be delivered to the mouth and button-based gestures can be taken. Have an idea of application and want to develop with us?


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