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Athlete monitoring platform

by Project Stealth

In the sports industry where every inch, second and strike matters, the more continuous and frequent the athletes’ status is measured, the more timely and effective the responding strategy could be. Lactate is a key biomarker for endurance performance. Understanding lactate level over time is crucial for performance assessment, training prescription and even detection of non-functional overtraining. However, the current methods are not capable to provide continuous data during microcycles or fail to strike a balance between accuracy and experience.


We are building a wearable mouth device that incorporates a biosensor to read the concentration levels of lactate in athletes from saliva. It continuously collects data during training, competing and even when recovering. The data is sent to and analysed by a portal on smartphones or computers to help coaches, physicians and athletes themselves to design better-personalised training cycles and recovery strategies.


Lactate is just a start. The non-invasive and comfortable mouth wearable platform will be able to incorporate more sensors of glucose, cortisol, testosterone, etc. to accomplish a holistic monitoring solution.

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