Athlete monitoring platform

by Project Stealth

We are excited to implement the know-how of in-mouth technology and impact lives in the real world.

We are building a wearable mouth device that incorporates a biosensor to read the concentration levels of lactate in athletes. It continuously collects data during training, competing or even when recovering. The data is sent to and analysed by a portal on smartphones or computers to help coaches, physicians and athletes themselves to design better-personalised training cycles and recovery strategies.

In the sports industry where every inch, second and strike matters, real-time and continuous data is becoming essential. Among the data, lactate level is known for its importance of indicating the athletes' internal response to training and recovery, which links largely to performance and risk of injury. However, the current methods of understanding the lactate level fail to strike a balance between accuracy and experience.


Project Stealth Tech's mouth wearable technology will push the boundary of lactate data collection as it enables seamless, direct and non-invasive monitoring.

Blood tests are without doubt accurate in revealing the instant lactate level, but they are invasive and take 

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