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Data from the mouth may reveal who you are and how you've been doing


You are who your mouth says you are, in several ways.


The mouth is a mirror of your health. Saliva is a biological fluid capable of communicating an individual's current health status with more than 1000 biomarkers. Both the instant and overtime daya from saliva is valuable. By incorporating multiple sensing capabilities, we envision that our seamless mouth wearable has the potential to become a holistic health monitoring platform to maximize personal health, fitness and performance. Now, we have started building an exciting product to help athletes track their physiologoical status.

The mouth is also home to a couple of biometrics. Studies have shown that tongue print, teeth, palate rugae saliva can be used as biometrics for identifying people. In our research of using a mouth wearable as the future authentication interface, we proposed a method of scanning the user's palate, a hidden and secure biometric inside the mouth.


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